H. Chase Stevens 

Winner of the University of Edinburgh 2012 OOP Competition!

Project Name: StratLoc (a.k.a. Team2Civ)
Github: https://github.com/jsurbaitis/com.team2.civ
Team: Team Tusive
Team Leader: Joris Urbaitis
Team Roles:
Project Minimum Requirements: Skirmish simulator on a hexagonal grid.
Project Aims: To create a turn-based strategy game allowing for up to one (1) player and up to three (3) AI opponents.
Possible Extra Features: Three (3) Dimensional OpenGL 4.2 support with player-controlled camera and dynamic water effects, EULA.
Week 4 Demo: Hexagonal grid with unit that is able to find paths between hexes (navigating obstacles).
Final Features: Turn-based strategy game on a hexagonal grid utilizing artificial intelligences generated by a scalable, multithreaded genetic algorithm (included). Fully extensible via scripting.

Release Version: stratloc.rar (released Apr. 3, 2012)
Sample Genome Pack: genomes.rar

Test Build: team2civ.zip (released Mar. 28, 2012)

AI documentation: ai_doc.html ai_actions.html